Slide & Picture Digitization Services

Masterpiece Multimedia provides slide & picture transfer to CD services at its stores in Malvern and Havertown, Pa. We can digitize your 35mm slides and pictures to .JPEG or other file formats. They can be placed on data discs, thumb drives, hard drives or other media. Video slideshows can also be produced on DVD or other file formats.

Our slide and picture digitization services include:

Photographic Scanning
35mm Slides & Negatives
Memory Videos

FAQ for Photograph Transfers

What kind of photography formats do you transfer?
All color and black & white photographs on conventional photographic paper.  Size can range from 2″x2″ up to 10″x13″.
Do you offer volume discounts for larger photo transfer projects?
Yes, all of our services are priced by volume.  please call us for a quote.
What can I do with the photo once they are transferred?
The photo images are returned to you on a Data CD or Data DVD.  They are JPEG files and are exactly the same as if you took a picture with a digital camera.  If you would like the files on a flash drive, hard drive or other type of media, youc an supply that for us or purchase them from us.
Can you create a video DVD from the transferred photos?
Yes, we can create a DVD video show from the files.  This is a very common request!
What's the turnaround time for a photo transfer project?
This can range from 2-3 days for small projects to 1-2 months for projects that include thousands of pictures or require editing.

FAQ for 35mm Slide Transfers

What can I do with images once they're transferred?
The transferred images are returned to you on a Data CD or Data DVD.  They are JPEG files and exactly the same as if you took a picture with a digital camera.
Can you create a video DVD from the transferred slides?
Yes, we can create a DVD video slide show from the slides. This is a very common request!
Can the file be put on the hard drive on my computer?
Yes, we can copy the files onto an external hard drive or thumb drive at no extra cost. If you need one, we sell them at competitive costs.
Can I borrow a 35 mm slide carousel to deliver my slides?
Yes, we have 3 projectors for rent. We will send you home with the projector, a few carousels and give you instructions how to load the slides.
What's the turnaround time for converting slides?
Slide projects vary, however, pre-loaded carousel and not cropping get you the quickest turn around because it is the most labor efficient.  One-week turnaround for small projects is typical, 1 month for projects that include thousands of slides or require coding.

Photographic Scanning

Photography dates back to early 1800s. Commercially it became available in 1839.

Picture prints in the last two centuries are estimated in the hundred billions.

Our picture scanning to digital format can be done on either our flatbed or automated scanner:

  • The flatbed scanner is a high-resolution scanner for pictures that are old, fragile or curved. Pictures that are stuck in albums and can not be removed can be scanned this way.  Large pictures that will not fit on standard letter sized flatbeds will can perfectly on our scanner.  Picture sizes up to 11.92″ x 16.54″ (30.27 x 42.0 cm).  The scanner can also scan documents that are fragile and are in books with minimal or no crease.
  • Our automated scanner can capture a high volume of pictures at 300, 600 or 1200 dpi. Pictures captured this way need to be flat with reasonably straight edges. Picture sizes: 2.0″ x 2.5″ to 8.5′ x 34.0″ (5.08 x 6.35 to 21.59 x 86.36 cm)
  • Both options can output to JPEG & TIFF single images.  PDF, RTF and BMP options are available for document scans.

Please call us for pricing, as volumes, scan type and output needs affect cost estimates.

35mm Slides

35mm slide projectors became common in the 1950s as a convenient way to share pictures. It was called reversal film, and instead of a negative to expose onto photographic paper, it was a positive image meant to be projected onto a screen.

We can transfer 35mm slides in bulk or in small volume. Our machine captures the slide images as high-resolution JPEG files.  We are also able to scan 35mm (and other sized) negatives.

Prices depend on volume, output options and if the slides are loose or pre-loaded into carousels. Please call us for more details and pricing estimates.

Memory Videos

Many of our customers are looking to take their still images and make them into video slideshows. As a second step to digitizing your images (or taking your existing digital images), we are able to make custom videos with music and titles. Video clips can also be added.

Because all editing is custom, your video is made to order.

For Your Convenience We Sell Flash Drives and Hard Drives

When creating files, as a convenience to our customers, we offer SanDisk flash drives and Toshiba hard drives available for purchase at less then MSRP. However, you can provide us with your media storage drive at no extra cost.