Multimedia, Video Editing & Video Production Serivces

Multimedia, Video Editing & Video Production Services

The multimedia industry is not cut and dry. While we are able to capture many of our services in easy-to-understand headers, there is far more we are able to do with your digital media. We are able create, produce and edit media content as well. Conversion of media can be complicated or too difficult for everyday computers. Our computers can handle very large file sizes, high resolutions and intense programs. Video editing services may be beyond your abilities or capturing your event may be impractical. Give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.

Our film multimedia and video editing services include the following:

Digital Multimedia
Video Editing
Video Production
File Restoration from damaged discs or drives
Grab Video from un-finalized DVD

FAQ for Video Editing

I have a bunch of home movies that I want to edit. What are the options for starting this?
We do all editing from digital media.  You will need to have your old films/videos transferred to DVD or files first.  Once that is complete, we typically send you home with the DVD’s or files to preview and do a paper edit.  This saves you billable editing hours by doing this at your leisure at home.  Then we will work off your paper edit to begin to bring your video clips together.
What kind of effects can be done to my video?
There are a variety of effects that can be added.  We can put in title screens, chapters, fades and transitions between clips, and a variety of other custom options.
Can I sit down and edit with you?
Yes, depending on the type of the project, some or all of the editing is done with you at the editor with our expert editors.  We use high end video editing software with very high capability.
How long will it take to finish my editing project?
Due to the variety of editing projects, this changes on a per project bases.  The more prepared you are, the faster editing goes.  We work in a renderless environment. This means we do not need to wait for the computer to process the edits while we work with you.  Rendering only occurs when the project is done.

FAQ for Video Production

What is the cost for video production?
Our simple video production rates range from $100-$130 per hour depending on needs.  Prices can increase if large amount of equipment is needed or actors are required to participate or provide voice over, location requirements, special effects or equipment is required.

Digital Multimedia

We can transfer and convert dozens of different types of files or formats. We can change file types, resolutions or international codes. We can get files ready for the web to share on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or more. Title screens, audio edits, face blur, cropping, brightening, darkening and more can be done to your files. PowerPoint slides can be exported as still images and made into video presentations. If you are thinking it, chances are we have a solution.

Video Editing

Using state-of-the art software on high-end computers, our video editing service is fast and efficient. We are able to work in standard or high definition. For many of our customers, our editing is making family memory videos, where we combine pictures, video clips, titles and music to a custom DVD for sharing.

Video Production

Our service for production is wide in variety. If you have a project to create for your business or need a special event recorded for family, we have a solution for you. We use high-definition cameras to capture video. Give us a call and we can discuss your project.