Multimedia Services with Retail Stores
in Malvern Pa, Havertown Pa and Limerick Pa

Film Transfer-Video Transfer-Audio Transfer-Slide Transfer-Picture Transfer-
Disc & Media Duplication-Video Editing

Masterpiece Multimedia provides film transfer, video transfer and audio transfer services to customers in Chester County PA, Delaware County Pa, Montgomery County Pa, Philadelphia Pa, and along the Main Line at its stores in Malvern, Havertown and Limerick, Pa.

Masterpiece Multimedia has serviced more than 14,000 families and businesses for 18 years as the Malvern region’s premier multimedia company.

Our store in Havertown has added convenience to our Haverford, Lower Merion and Philadelphia customers.  Our Drop off Anex in Limerick adds convenicen to Upper montgomery county, Bucks county and Berks county.

We can transfer your video, audio, movie film, slides and pictures to DVD or digital media using state-of-the-art multimedia transfer and multimedia conversion technology to preserve and protect your memories. All of your memories are converted or transferred in our stores. Your memories are never shipped out to third parties for conversion or transfer.

Customers have benefited from our expertise in multimedia conversion services, multimedia transfer services, video production, video editing and multimedia duplication services, including high and low volume CD and DVD duplication, disc printing, packaging and fulfillment services. While much of our business is walk-in, mail order is very safe. We have a great working relationship with UPS who never leaves any packages outside when we are closed due to the important nature of what we receive from our customers.

Film Transfer

Masterpiece Multimedia services in Malvern, and Havertown can transfer your movie film to DVD by converting from 8mm, Super 8, Super 8-Sound, 16mm, 16mm-Sound, Super 16mm and 35mm. Our machines are high definition frame-by-frame capture devices that can accept both positive and negative film. The film must be developed. In our 22 years, we have transferred 2.5 million feet of film!

Video Transfer

Masterpiece Multimedia services in  Malvern and Havertown  can transfer your video to DVD or file by converting your VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital Beta, MPEG IMX, U-matic ¾, DVC Pro, HDV, MiniDV, Full Size DV and DV Cam. In our 22 years, we have transferred over 100,000 videos.

Audio Transfer

Masterpiece Multimedia located in  Malvern and Havertown , Pa., can transfer your audio to CD or file by converting from vinyl and wax records, reel-to-reel audio tape, 8-track tape, audio cassette tape, microcassette , minicassette and CD ripping.


Still Film & Photograph Transfer Services

Masterpiece Multimedia located in  Malvern and Havertown, Pa., can digitize your 35mm slides, negatives and pictures to .JPEG or other file formats. Pictures up to  11.92″ x 16.54″ (30.27 x 42.0 cm) can be scanned.  They can be placed on data discs, thumb drives, hard drives or other media. Video slideshows can also be produced on DVD or other file formats.

Disc Ripping and Data Transfer

Masterpiece Multimedia located in Malvern and Havertown, Pa. can transfer audio, video or data from Optical Discs. CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs can be ‘ripped’ to remove audio, video or files. We can handle bulk or small size projects.

Image of a stack of DVD for duplication

Disc & Media Duplication

Masterpiece Multimedia can duplicate media in the following formats: CD, DVD, Blu-ray (BD), SD Card, Micro SD Card, USB Flash Drive or “Thumb Drive”

Our machines are in-house and can duplicate in small and large numbers. Our automated CD and DVD machines can run massive volumes with quick turnaround. We also offer CD, DVD and Blu-ray printing services in-house.

Video Editing & Multimedia Services

The multimedia industry is not cut and dry. While we are able to capture many of our services in easy-to-understand headers, there is far more we are able to do with your digital media. We are able create, produce and edit media content as well. Conversion of media can be complicated or too difficult for everyday computers. Our computers can handle very large file sizes, high resolutions and intense programs. Video editing services may be beyond your abilities or capturing your event may be impractical. Give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.