CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Ripping, Transfer and Recovery

Masterpiece Multimedia provides small volume and bulk optical disc ripping and data extraction. We can ‘rip’ Audio Music CD’s to .WAV, .MP3 or several other formats. We can ‘rip’ video DVD and Blu-Ray discs into .MP4, .AVI or other standard video files. We can extract files from CD, DVD or Blu-Ray data discs. We can pull raw data from slightly damaged discs or open volume discs (often called non-finalized discs).


Can you Rip commercial discs?

For audio CDs, we are able to rip both commercially produced and self-burned discs. Video discs that are commercially made are typically copyright protected.

What if a Disc is not finalized and the computer thinks it's recordable ?

We can bypass the unclosed structure of the disc that won’t play or be recognized by a computer.

What do you put the files on once you've ripped the discs?

We can put the files on flash drives, hard drives or on online storage.

Audio CD Ripping

CDs have been a standard in audio production since the late 1980s. Many people have huge libraries of audio CDs that are rarely listened to anymore due to the introduction of MP3 players and streaming options. Many computers don’t have disc drives in them anymore. Masterpiece Multimedia can ‘rip’ your audio CD library in bulk. The audio is typically made into MP3 files, but several other options from .WAV to .FLAC in lossless audio files are available. The Metadata of the Album title, artist and song titles are grabbed along with the audio and automatically complied in an industry standard way to be compatible with computer and portable audio players.

DVD and Blu-Ray Video Ripping

DVD and Blu-Ray was a standard for video recording and distribution for several decades starting in the early 2000s. Many people have a video library of home movies on DVD, miniDVD and Blu-Ray Discs. Masterpiece Multimedia can ‘rip’ the video files off of these discs and create video files for flash drive or the web. MP4 is the standard we use for files, but several different compressed or uncompressed file formats are available. Did you use a video camcorder that recorded directly onto full size or mini-DVD discs but you can’t play them because they weren’t finalized or closed? We can extract the data and make the video files.

Image of a stack of DVD for duplication

Data Disc Data Transfer

In addition to Audio and Video use, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs were often used as data storage for computer files. Masterpiece Multimedia can pull the data from these discs in bulk. Each disc is migrated into a folder of it’s own to keep the files organized and all the file structure in place.

Disc Data Recovery

Optical discs can sometimes be damaged by scratches. This may mean that 99% of the disc is unharmed, but the disc will not play or be read correctly. Often times we can extract data from damaged discs with minimal loss of data, especially for video and audio discs. If your disc won’t play, we can bypass the ‘play’ process and extract the video or audio. Data discs with scratches can be more challenging as the files could be corrupted with missing data, but we are often able to recover some if not most of the data.