Video Transfer Services

Masterpiece Multimedia provides video transfer and video conversion services at its stores in Malvern and Havertown, Pa. We can transfer your video to DVD or file by converting your VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital Beta, MPEG IMX, U-matic ¾, DVC Pro, HDV, MiniDV, Full Size DV and DV Cam. In our 18 years, we have transferred over 45,000 videos.

We understand that video formats, both old and new, can be confusing and frustrating. We are here to help guide you through the transfer process. At the time your project is completed, you will receive your media back, just as you have given it to us. Our prices are based on a combination of starting and ending media type as well as volume. Because there are so many variables in pricing, it is best to give us a call.  

Our video transfer services include transferring from the following formats:

Beta, Betacam and BetaSP
Hi8 and 8mm Video
Digital 8, Video8
Digital Beta (DigiBeta), Beta SX & MPEG IMX
DV Tapes – DV Cam, DVC Pro and MiniDV, and HDV
File Format Conversions
Hi8-PAL and VHS/VHS-C in PAL and SECAM international formats

FAQ for Video to DVD

How do I know what type of videotape I have?
Sometimes it can be dificult to tell if it is unlabeled, however take a look at the pictures on this page.  Give us a call or email us a picture and we should be able to help.
How much fits onto one DVD?
Video is transferred at a bit rate of no less than 4 MB/second.  This supports a maximum video time of 2 hours per DVD.  Transferring at a lower rate will lessens the quality and integrity of the video capture.
What if I want more than one copy?
No problem!  Once the transfer of the media to DVD is done, we simply make copies of the DVD.
How long does a video transfer project take to complete?
Turnaround time varies based on the number of videos to transfer and the number of projects in the queue when you drop off your project.  Average turnaround for 1 to 6 tapes is 2 to 3 days.  Larger projects can vary from 1-3 weeks.
I want to be able to edit this at home; will I be able to get the information off the DVD myself?
Yes, we do not put any copyright encoding/protection on the discs we create for you.  Most modern computers will ‘rip’ the data from the disc to a file that can be edited with computer editors including Nero, Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie to name a few popular programs.  There are also several ‘DVD ripping’ software products available online for free.  Safe downloads can be found at
I have a lot of home videos, how much will it cost to transfer all my tapes?
Our pricing is done on a volume basis. Either by the DVD or by hour to file.  Prices also vary by the type of starting media.
What if I want all the tapes transferred onto separate DVDs?
Yes, we can do this.  All projects are done based on your needs.
What if all my tapes are short, can they be transferred onto one DVD?
Yes! We will fill a DVD up with any number of tapes.  This is the most cost effective method for you.  We will fill up a 2 hour disc with any number of tapes.
I have an international tape; can you transfer that? And if so, any different rate?
Yes!  VHS in PAL and SECAM can be transferred to american standard (NTSC).  Hi8 tapes in PAL can be transferred to american standard (NTSC).  DVD and digital formats from all regions can be converted. There is a small additional charge over our standard rates for the international conversion.

Umatic 3/4″ Tape

First introduced in 1971, this tape format became popular in the television production market.  It was one of the first times videotape was placed in a cassette. Our services can transfer your U-matic tapes to DVD or video file.

Beta Max

Betamax is a video format that was introduced in the United States in 1977.

Our services can convert your Betamax videotapes to DVD and video file.

We work hard to upkeep our professional equipment to get the best transfer possible.  Unfortunately, Betamax had a shelf life of less than 10 years. Some Tapes have lasted, others have not done so well.  Due to our variable tracking and adjustable skew machine, we have been very successful transferring old Beta tapes.


VHS & S-VHS (Super VHS) were the standard of video recording for the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Our service can transfer your VHS & S-VHS tapes to DVD or digital file.

First introduced in the United States in 1977 as a competitor to Betamax, this format, utilized well established 1950’s magnetic tape technology, to record video onto a convenient cartridge.

S-VHS was introduced in 1987 and nearly doubled the lines of resolution of VHS.  This did not take off commercially, but did lead toward future higher resolution video.

Shelf life of VHS was an average of 12 years, but has been able to withstand time better than expected.

NTSC, PAL & SECAM international systems are all accepted.


VHS Compact or VHS-C is a smaller version of VHS tape introduced in 1982.

The magnetic tape and playback of this tape is exactly the same as VHS. It fits into an adapter that allows it to fit into the standard VHS player.  This was a common camcorder tape from the late 1980’s into the 1990’s.

Just like VHS, we are able to transfer this to DVD or digital file.

NTSC, PAL & SECAM international systems are all accepted.

Beta, Betacam & BetaSP

In 1992, Betacam was introduced to replace Umatic tapes.  It was able to capture video at a much higher resolution than before and became a standard in the broadcast world.

We are able to transfer all of the various sizes and versions of the analog Beta to DVD or video file.

Hi8, 8mm Video

In 1985, Sony first released its 8mm video format. Not to be confused with film, this was a narrow videotape that was put into a much smaller case than VHS. The case was the size of an audiocassette and was the first time camcorders were able to be handheld. This video format was widely used in the late 1980s, 1990s and into the 2000s. Our services can transfer this tape format to DVD and file. These tapes have shown reasonably good longevity, but the tracking seems to diminish over time. NTSC and PAL international formats are accepted.

Digital 8

Digital 8 tapes are actually the same exact tape as Hi8 tapes, however in 1999 a new camcorder type was introduced that recorded a digital codec onto the tape.  This replaced the analog recording method.

Even though the magnetic tapes is still technically analog, it is a digital code that is written and received from the tape.

Just like it’s earlier version, we are able to transfer Digital 8 tapes to DVD or digital file.

Digital Beta or DigiBeta, Beta SX & MPEG IMX

Digital Beta was introduced in 1993 followed shortly by Beta SX in 1996.

This was a progression of the original Beta formats, but was a compressed digital video format onto tape.  Mostly used by the professional video market and the broadcast market because of its cost, the video was very high resolution.

MPEG IMX was introduced in 2001 and became a new standard in digital coding for tape which lead to online and computer based MPEG standards.

We are able to transfer these formats to DVD and Digital File.

DV Tapes – DV Cam, DVC Pro, MiniDV, & HDV

Since the early 1990s, Digital video recording has been in the professional world and consumer video market.  These have varied by manufacturer and need.  Our machines vary as well to play these back.

We can transfer these to DVD and Digital files. For the newer tapes that record in a widescreen, we can maintain aspect ratios.

HD formats can be transferred to HD files or Blu-Ray disc to maintain quality or can be down-converted to standard DVD.

File Format Conversions

We have software that will accept over 70 different file formats and codecs that come from video cameras, still cameras or computer programs.

In rare cases, we may be able to find codecs that are not common.

As long as we can play your files on our computers, we are able to edit or convert them to other formats or DVD/Blu-Ray.  Not sure what you have? Give us a call.

For Your Convenience We Sell Flash Drives & Hard Drives

When creating files, as a convenience to our customers, we offer Flash Drives and Toshiba Hard Drives available for purchase at less then MSRP.

However, you can provide us with your media storage drive at no extra cost.