One of the greatest perks of having your old media turned into a digital format, is the ability to easily share your memories with family and friends, like never before.  Digital files can be replicated and share endlessly, between computers, without quality lose.  A video, picture or audio file can be stored onto thumb drives, as well as external hard drives, and then plugged into any number of computers, to have their data copied onto the computer’s hard drive.  This allows you to share the files with as many others as you’d like, as long as, you’re able to plug into their computer.  If you’re able to share your files this way, I would suggest it.  It is the easiest and quickest way to share your files, from computer to computer.  

The question then becomes, what if you want to share your files with someone on the other side of the country. That too is possible, but requires different tactics.  Depending on the file size (how much data it is), the file might be too large to just email.  Typically emails cannot be sent with files exceeding 25-50MB (depending on the email service).  Most email services are designed to send smaller attachments like: simple word documents, one or two pictures, or small audio files.  Video files, multiple pictures, and large audio files are normally much too large to simply email.  However, it is still possible to share larger files over the internet.

You will need to use a file sharing service.  If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have a Google Drive, as well.  Your Google account comes with 15GB worth of free data storage (you can purchase more if you’d like).  If you have a 5GB video file you’d like to share with someone, you can upload the file to your Google Drive and then share it.  Once it is shared, the other person my view and/or download the video.  (For instructions on how to upload to Google Drive please follow this link: )

There are other websites that will permit you to upload larger files and share them, as well.  Examples of these websites include: Dropbox, Dropsend, JumboMail, and WeTransfer.  A Google search of “large file sharing sites” will give you a list of websites to choose from.  Some sites allow you to share or store a certain amount of data, before they make you purchase more storage space.  Make sure you pick the best service for you.  

A third option would be to upload your video file to a video viewing platform like Youtube or Vimeo.  These sites give you the option to share your video with anyone you’d like, by simply sending them a link to the video, once it has been uploaded.  They also have features that allow you to make a video ‘private’ or ‘unlisted.’  These options can make it so the entire world does not see your video but only the people you chose to share the link with. Those settings can be changed at any point.

Please keep in mind uploading, download, and sharing files over the internet can be a time consuming process. Depending on your internet speeds the upload process may take an extended period of time depending how large the file is.  If you are able to share the files using a flashdrive (Thumbdrive) or external hard drive, again, I would suggest it.