Merging Movie film with still frames for Printing:
One of the more interesting features of our film transfer process is the frame by frame capture technology. Every single frame of film is captured one by one. This has been around for a while, but in more recent export capabilities is the option for image sequence files. While this is primarily for advanced editing using higher powered computer editing, there is an advantage to these files for the novice. Imagine being able to print high resolution still pictures from your film in a way never before available.
The image sequence files can be exported in both TIFF and JPEG file formats at high resolution. TIFF would be the most uncompressed and can be printed on either your home printer or at a photography store who prints true photographic prints. JPEG can also be printed and also can be shared via email and on social media.

Often times 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film has family memory gold on them and often times include close ups of family members not often photographed. Using the image sequence file allows you to turn any single frame of the film into a still photography. The nice part about this is that you may even catch them with a smile or their eyes open if that isn’t a regular still image occurrence. Or the family trips to the World’s Fair, Grand Canyon or the beach can be captured into single images for printing and hanging.

While image sequence files are one way to go, don’t worry, we will still make video files from your films for standard viewing. However, the image files may open up new opportunities for printing and sharing still images.