With the existence of smart phones, people have been able to record videos easier than ever before. It’s as easy as taking your phone out of your pocket or purse and hitting record.

Sometimes circumstances come up that prevent family and friends from being able to make it to that special event. No matter the distance, technology is on your side to be able to send a video version of yourself to personally say your good wishes or congratulations.

To make sure you’ll get the best video possible, try to record in a quiet area with adequate lighting. If you can have a friend help hold the phone for you, even better! Having some help with keeping the camera steady is one less thing to worry about when you’re talking to your friends or family. It’s easier to start with the best video than trying to improve poor quality content.

While it’s temping to shoot video vertically with your phone, it’s much better to record holding the phone horizontally. While vertical videos look perfect playing back on the phone’s screen, it will be much more challenging to edit it together for a TV Screen. While phones can rotate and have any video fill the screen, TVs do not have that ability.

When you edit a vertical video, the software will add letter boxing (the black bars on the left and right) to make up for the content that is not there. Instead of filling the screen with the video, you’ll be looking at a third of what was recorded and two thirds of a black screen. Not a way to share a memory!

Once you have your video recorded, it’s a simple matter of emailing or messaging your greetings to whoever will edit them together. Then the fun of putting all these clips together with music and titles is in their hands!

With video editing programs being widely accessible, tech-savvy friends and family can put together a lovely compilation featuring those who were unable to be there. If the task is too much work and you’re already stressing about your deadline, our business could assist with making your event memorable for all.